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Alarm Systems

Protect your home or business with a fully integrated intruder alarm system from Wistonia Electrical & Security. We have a range of intruder alarm systems and equipment to protect your premises.

With the cost of burglaries rising year on year, we are sure that protecting your home or business is a priority.  If you do not have an intruder alarm system then please contact us to discuss.

 • We offer a friendly and personalised service and will liaise with you to plan and develop an alarm system solution which will meet your requirements using the latest intruder alarm and detection equipment but at a very competitive price!

  • We understand that every individual case has different needs which is why we will develop a bespoke solution to offer the best protection.

 • Skilful use of the latest technologies in Alarm system, PIR’s, window sensors and switches all play a part in us being able to offer a solution and help you keep secure.

 • The latest movement detector technology ( either infra-red or dual technology) will cover open areas within the premises along with door magnets etc covering entry routes.

 • While the technology is effective at providing this protection, rest assured that it’s very flexible and easy to use still.

 • Existing systems repaired, serviced, upgraded and maintained.

 • Alarm monitoring options available using the UK and Europe’s leading alarm monitoring company.

 • FREE Lifetime parts cover on upgrades and new installs for OAP’s

 • Alarms fitted to PD6662 specification.

 • Our home alarm systems start at £300.